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Cedar Plaque Awards

Cedar Plaque Awards

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Immerse yourself in the unrivaled quality and authenticity of our cedar wood plaques, meticulously crafted from genuine SOLID wood. Unlike other plaque blanks found in the market, which often feature MDF with printed faux wood textures, our plaques are fashioned from the finest hardwoods, ensuring an unparalleled level of craftsmanship and distinction. Every step of the production process, from wood milling to finishing, takes place in our esteemed workshop nestled in the heart of Texas, where passion and dedication converge to create true masterpieces.

Choose from two distinct sizes to suit your needs:

- The Large plaque, measuring a substantial 8" x 10", provides an expansive canvas for your personalized engravings, ensuring your chosen content receives the utmost attention to detail.

- The Small plaque, measuring a refined 5" x 7", strikes a harmonious balance between elegance and compactness, making it ideal for treasured mementos and meaningful acknowledgments.

Elevate your presentations and acknowledgments with our exceptional cedar wood plaques, where the authentic charm of solid wood intertwines with the care and artistry invested in every piece. Let us etch your story onto these timeless creations, as we take pride in delivering an exceptional product that reflects the heart and soul of our Texas-based workshop.

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