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Brumate Togosa 49 oz Wine Chiller & Leakproof Pitcher

Brumate Togosa 49 oz Wine Chiller & Leakproof Pitcher

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Discover the Togosa, the world's first 2-in-1 wine bottle chiller and leakproof pitcher designed to elevate your beverage experience. This exceptional product seamlessly combines the functionality of a wine bottle chiller and a versatile pitcher, ensuring your wine stays perfectly chilled while allowing the margaritas to flow freely.

Embrace those special occasions and celebrate life's grand moments, whether it's cheering for a game day victory or raising a toast at a wedding ceremony. The Togosa is your ultimate companion, adding a touch of elegance to every festivity.

Personalization is at the heart of our offering. Allow us to cater to your unique preferences and create a bespoke masterpiece exclusively for you. With our personalized touch, the Togosa becomes an expression of your individuality, making every pouring experience truly exceptional.

Can be personalized with your logo or saying. 

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